NATO has tapped into its pool of defense scientists to support the COVID-19 emergency response. The call was issued by NATO’s Chief Scientist, Dr Bryan Wells, the main scientific adviser at the North Atlantic Council.

The scientist, out of which more than 5000 work with NATO Science and Technology Organization (STO) were called to give their contributions, from research articles to prototypes, which development will be supported by the Science and Technology Organization.

This NATO agency has its own laboratory, the Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation in La Spezia, Italy, the Collaboration Support Office in Paris, France and Office of the Chief Scientist at NATO’s headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

This is the biggest network of scientists that work in the area of defense and security in the world.

STO issued a call for the scientist that are working on solutions in virus detection, improved situational awareness, decontamination, resilience and the post-COVID-19 future.