According to Professor Mirjana Najcevska, the newly drafted law that prohibits the publication of “bombs” is just foolishness.

“I haven’t heard such nonsense in my life. Whenever I think I’ve seen an heard all the nonsense from VMRO-DPMNE and their friends in DUI, they always managed to pleasantly surprise me with more and even bigger immature stupidity.
It’s like proposing a law, which prevents the crimes of politicians from being let out into the public. Or a law which forbids citizens to discuss politician’s mistakes This is just like proposing a law that would hide politicians crimes and mishaps. Or a law that would prohibit any public removal of violation of the laws of appointed officials. People, this country has become the happiest place to live. With every new day, follows a new experience. But because of this, if you pay didn’t pay your tax of 200 denars, your name will appear on the internet. And if you steal a kebab, you will receive a three year prison sentence”, says Professor Najcevska.