I admitted to throwing paint and stated that I feel no guilt or remorse for my actions, said Uranija Pirovska, who is the Executive Director of the Helsinki Committee after her brief police interview at “Beko” police station.

“I believe it is my right as a citizen of this country to protest because of what’s happening to the country and the politics of this criminal government. I refused to pay the fine, so the procedure will be ongoing. I was not shown any photos, they did not try in any way to question me or ask me about others who had thrown paint”, said Pirovska.

She stated that at the beginning of the police interview, she told the inspectors that it was obvious that they were giving selective treatment to protesters from various groups.

“I reminded them that the protests that took place in front of the Municipality Centar, none of the participants were interviewed, nor suffered any sanctions. Also my lawyer reminded them of the events that took place in front of the Triumphal Arch “Macedonia” when a protester was attacked by an unknown person, but there still has been no investigation into the incident”, Pirovska said, adding that it is inappropriate for people to be called in for police interviews on a misdemeanor offense.

Professor Mirjana Najchevska said that she would not attend the police interview, but her lawyer would.

“Ministers from the Government have been stealing, cheating, lying and murdering. We caught them red-handed, and that is why they are trying to corrupt the whole judiciary system, the police, the courts and even the Constitutional Court. They are trying to stop citizens from demanding for accountability”, said Najchevska.
She said she would write a letter to the Ministry of Culture and will request them to recognize the copyright for the painted monuments from the Project “Skopje 2014”.

“Becuase they did not ask the citizens when they went ahead and built the monuments, I decided to make the place I live more attractive”, said Najchevska.

Pirovska also told the public that two more of their ‘associates’ have been summoned for questioning.

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