A protest against changes in the law for payment of contributions for fees is being organized on the social networks.

The protest is scheduled for next Monday, 22nd of December, and it will begin in front of the Assembly, after which it will continue to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and the Government.

An announcement “Charter for solidarity of trade unions and associations for the protection of workers’ rights”, which signatories are the UPOZ Union, the Confederation of trade unions of Macedonia, Independent Union of journalists and media workers, the Union of Macedonian diplomatic service, leftist movement “Solidarnost”, movement for social Justice “Lenka”, and other associations and individuals was posted at the social networks.

In the charter, they demand the Government to stop the implementation of amendments to the laws that introduce payment of contributions for compulsory social insurance on fees in order to make room for their changing and withdrawal, and then, through enhanced inspections of the Labour Inspectorate, cases of disguised employment to be removed, i.e. of imposed working without a contract in which contributions for compulsory social insurance are not paid for the workers, as well as to abolish the highest monthly basis for the calculation and payment of contributions in six monthly salaries.