MVR: The police force at the border is going to receive help from the army


Members of the Republic of Macedonia Army (ARM) are going to join their colleagues from the special police who are guarding the south border after the Government proclaimed an emergency situation due to the uncontrolled flow of migrants.

The Ministry of Interior (MVR) announced that a limited number of illegal migrants are allowed to enter the country, if they belong to a vulnerable age group.

The announcement by the MVR doesn’t disclose details about the deployment of emergency tools such as tear gas, shock bombs and rubber bullets in dealing with the migrants, something which has been reported by some media agencies.

“The MVR began acting on the decision of the Government of Republic of Macedonia of proclaiming an emergency situation. During the day we are expecting police officers to be joined by the ARM forces. The police officers are on the ground, on the border line with Greece, and are acting on the orders and prerogatives of protecting the border and securing the peace and safety of that area. Republic of Macedonia allows a limited number of illegal migrants to enter the country, if they belong to a vulnerable age category, so that they are given adequate help and support as per the abilities of the country,” says the announcement by the MVR.

They add that unlike the previous days when the authorities had given temporary stay permits to more 1300 foreign nationals, on daily basis, the number of migrants in the past 24 has been a significant decrease.


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