State institutions were a target of a terrorist attack last night. Around 2:30 am, a group of 40 people attacked the police station in Goshince. They were well armed, with camouflage uniforms with emblems of the UCK and they spoke Albanian, stated Deputy Minister for Public Relations of MOI Ivo Kotevski.
– Four police officers, who were on duty, were captured. Assailants disarmed and handcuffed them and one of the officers was even beaten. All of that was filmed with a camera. One of the armed, who spoke in bad Macedonian language with Serbian terms, addressed the officers that they are part of UCK and that they want their own state and no Framework Agreement, Gruevski or Ahmeti will save them. They told the officers to leave, and that if they return, they will be liquidated. They took their equipment, weapons, radio station and mobile phones, which they later smashed. One of the officers untied his colleagues and they headed on foot. While walking, they heard a long burst. MOI takes measures to fully clarify the situation, and because of the seriousness of the situation, is is not possible to present more details – stated Kotevski.
As “Nova” reported, the leader of Dignity, General Stojanche Angelov, at one of the protests in front of MRT earlier this month warned of the possibility of an incident in Lipkovo region.
He then said that the government paid 2 million euros to Albanians who had no connection with the UCK to provoke ethnic conflict.
– Those are some criminals in Lipkovo region. Their task was to present themselves as UCK and murder several members of the police or the army and cause inter-ethnic conflict, and blame me and Zoran Zaev for it. That’s why the monstrous statement signed by Mr. “Netpress” that Stojanche Angelov and Zoran Zaev are preparing a bloody scenario appeared. In fact, someone else prepared such a scenario, and it was to escalate in the following days. Their intention is to arrest Zaev, but lack the courage to do so. Perhaps Zaev sinned in the past, we might have different views and opinions, but he showed great courage by publishing the political “bombs” – said Angelov at the gathering in front of MRTV.