Did party leaders agree a successor for Marko Zvrlevski?


In the same week, while an agreement of the political crisis is expected, the indictment for the case “Putsch” has entered the judicial process, and assessment is awaited for “Bribery”. It can be interpreted as “politically motivated” rush these cases to be put from the prosecutors to the court drum because, with the possible agreement between political leaders out of the political crisis, there is a possibility Marko Zvrlevski to no longer be head of the Public Prosecutor and in him to be replaced by an independent public prosecutor, as requested by the opposition and, according to some signals, it is probably already agreed.

This can be sensed by the statement of opposition leader Zoran Zaev, who is accused in the “Putsch” and “Bribery”, in response to reporter’s question whether after reaching agreement will materials of the remaining “bombs” be published to the public or go down in history, he said that the evidence will be processed by the “new independent prosecutor”.

“No. First they will be processed to the independent new public prosecutor, the Parliamentary Committee will open the cases and debate on all these cases can be opened on all possible levels. We fully promised the “Truth about Macedonia” and that truth will reach the citizens in full,” said Zaev.

To the direct question from META whether in the talks, political leaders have already reached an agreement for Marko Zvrlevski’s successor, SDSM spokesman Petre Shilegov said that there is no such agreement and that the issue has secondary importance in relation to the main, the agreement on the format of the transitional government without Gruevski in it.

– We won’t agree on the other contents of the agreement from 2nd of June until we don’t agree the transitional government – said Shilegov for META.

Regarding Zaev’s statement, he says opposition leader actually hinted how the materials for “Monster,” “A1 television” and the other, which is of great interest to the public, will be published once a political agreement between SDSM, VMRO-DPMNE, DUI and DPA is reached.

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