The Citizens Association “Most” at their last press conference reported that in the second round of the local elections, their observers noted disrespect for the voting procedure, the presence of unauthorized individuals and photographing of ballots.

At nine polling stations in the municipality of Tetovo, there was an interruption of voting as the electricity went out for over an hour, however, voting continued.

In the municipality of Cair, an individual voted without been previously checked on the voters’ list and after the check it was determined that he was not registered on the voters’ list at that certain polling station, but at a neighboring polling station.

The police removed unauthorized individuals who were present in the village of Vatasha in front of the Memorial House, which housed two polling stations.

At a polling station in the municipality of Kisela Voda, a ballot was found behind the screen, and in the municipality of Kavadarci, a voter photographed their ballot behind the screen.