According to the civil association “Most”, they have concluded that due to numerous inconsistencies and violations, which are being ignored by the SEC, the government and other institutions have failed to provide conditions for fair and credible elections which are scheduled for June the 5th.

Darko Aleksov, President of “Most”, said that the field checks conducted on the voters’ list were not transparent, and that led to the results being unclear.

“The SEC has invested much money, time and effort into this process for it to result in a divided vote between the members of the SEC, and with unclear results from the field checks. Parliament missed the opportunity to adopt legal amendments that would have enabled the removal of those voters who have no right to be on the voters list. So far they have just removed the deceased. Some of the paperwork from the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Information Society and Administration submitted to the SEC were without signatures from the Minister or the Additional Deputy, and therefore they have no legal standing”, says Aleksov.

“Most” say electoral districts 3, 4 and 6 exceed the permitted number by an inconsistency of five percent, which is over the average number of voters per constituency.

Because of these inconsistencies, according to the “Most” this is why the public has no confidence in the electoral roll, and as further problems they also highlight the combined meaning between state and party, the misuse of state resources for party purposes and pressure placed on employees who work in the administration.

However, if early parliamentary elections are held on June 5, “Most” say they will send their observers to follow the whole process.