US Vice President Mike Pence made another series of anti-Russian statements in Podgorica, scaring leaders of Western Balkan states with a mythic “Russian threat” and went as far as to accuse our country of attempts to redraw the borders in the region by force, said the press reaction issued by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Pence’s statement that official Moscow is interfering into the internal affairs of the Western Balkans countries.

“We have to state with regret that Washington is sliding more deeply into using primitive ideology-driven clichés of the Cold War era, which are totally out of touch with reality. Imposing on the Balkan countries a blatantly destructive choice of being “either with the West or with Russia” inevitably leads to rising tensions on the European continent and destabilises the situation in the region and separate states. Moreover, Washington is actively promoting the idea that there is no alternative to the accession of all South East European countries to NATO and presses ahead with projects based on unscrupulous competition and contradicting economic logic,” said the reaction.

The Russian MFA, addressing the external interference in the internal affairs of the Balkan countries, is reminding that the USA and its allies have violated an international law dating from 1999 by using illegal force used for taking away Kosovo from Serbia and with the latest occurrences in Macedonia and Montenegro.

“Under harsh pressure from Washington, Podgorica formalized Montenegro’s membership in NATO on June 5, 2017, despite the opinion of the majority of its citizens. The United States and the European Union did not hesitate to ignore the will of the voters in Macedonia and did not allow the party that won the December 11, 2016, elections to form the government. So who is interfering in the internal affairs and using force in the Balkans? Is it Moscow or Washington?” said the reaction.

The Russian MFA is urging its American colleagues to stop demonizing Russia and its foreign policy that has always been based on respecting partners, readiness for joint constructive work and mutual consideration of interest.