More Tragedy: Gruevski’s bodyguard and his cousin Mijalkov’s bodyguard have both taken a life


For Dejan Mitrovski – Urko and for Alen Zekirov, apart from working together as bodyguards for the former Prime Minister and the current VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski, and his cousin, the former Head of the Secret Police, Sasho Mijalkov, they also have something else in common. They have both been involved in car accidents which ended with fatal casualties.

Today, the MOI have filed criminal charges to the Public Prosecution Skopje against Mitrovski for the car accident which occurred on the 27 July, where a 22-year-old motorcyclist was killed.

Alen Zekirov who was Sasho Mijalkov’s bodyguard in 2009, on Partizansk Odredi Boulevard, ran over 73-year-old Simo Serafimovski while he was pushing his bicycle on a pedestrian crossing.

The court case again Zekirov lasted nearly 6 years, due to the absence of the accused, and the absence of reports from the accident.

Zekriov in 2014 was finally sentenced 6 months in prison.

After the verdict, there is no information whether Zekirov actually served his sentence, or whether he appealed his case to the High Court, and the outcome of it.

Some portals recently published a video which has been shared on “Instagram”, which, allegedly shows Zekirov driving his car down Ilinden boulevard 200 kilometres per hour.

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