Macedonian citizens can file for job advertisements in NATO under the same conditions as the citizens of other countries members of the Alliance, and the fully fledged membership is carrying certain quotas for the employment of civilian and military personnel which selection will be done here.

The Official Gazette has already published President Gjorge Ivanov’s order for the appointment of two officers on positions in NATO and the Republic of France. The Brigade General Mirche Gjorgoski was appointed as Macedonia’s military representative in Brussels. Colonel Mario Jurishi was appointed as a defense attache in France.

The Ministry of Defense explains that in accordance with NATO’s procedures, most of the civilian personnel that is working within NATO are chosen through job advertisements that is published on the Alliance’s web page. The procedure is carried out by NATO’s services.

They also said that the military personnel that is appointed for duties within NATO’s departments are a national responsibility. Each of the countries members receives a certain quota for positions/jobs that it will have to fulfill. The positions are chosen in accordance with the qualifications of the military personnel and NATO’s needs. When a certain country is granted a certain position, the meeting of the requirements is becoming a longterm responsibility.

“The selection and the financing of the military personnel is also a national responsibility. The rotations of the military personnel are occurring every three years. It is expected that as part of NATO’s military structure RNM will receive 20 permanent positions for officers and non-commissioned officers and one position as a brigade general which position would be filled in on each second rotation” informs the ministry.

The number of personnel at the Mission in Brussels is planned to be 15 persons (civilian and military personnel, administrative servants, officers and non-commissioned officers), and it is planned to send 6 military personnel in Mons officers and non-commissioned officers and one officer in Norfolk. The selection and financing of this category of personnel is a national responsibility. The inner procedure is carried out within the Ministry, and the final selection is made by the Minister of Defense. On the ministry’s proposal, the president is making a decree for a representative in NATO holding a rank of a general.

Otherwise, the salaries for these job positions within NATO range from 2.729 to 23.273 euroes depending on the degree of the working place.