Mogherini: Don’t play with fire and don’t turn this into an inter-ethnic conflict


The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, at a press conference after the council of the EU’s ministers of foreign affairs had ended, said that she was worried about the situation in Macedonia and she told the politicians not to play with fire.

– How worried am I? I am worried, but I’m trying to learn to move beyond the worries and to see the potential for solving the institutional and the political crisis. I believe what is Skopje facing today is still a political and institutional crisis. My main worry is that this will turn into an inter ethnic crisis. This was the main message that I passed to those that have a political responsibility. Don’t play with fire and don’t turn this into an inter-ethnic confrontation. That will ruin the country and will probably spread beyond the country – said Mogherini.

The High Representative of the European Union stressed that she believes in a solution for the crisis and that the institutions in Macedonia have the resources to find a solution.

I believe firstly in the wisdom of the president, and secondly in the capacity of the Parliament to proceed, by electing a speaker or to unblock the situation so that this institutional and political crisis so it can be managed with the instruments that Skopje has, without any interference. I hope that the wisdom will prevail – said Mogherini.

She didn’t want to give any details on the special presentations she gave the ministers regarding Macedonia, but she said that in general, all ministers gave their strong support for the messages she has passed to them after the meetings in Macedonia.

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