The former Minister of Interior and Director of the Public Security Bureau, Mitko Chavkov was taken into custody last night and was escorted to jail in Shutka.

The decision for the detention was based upon an official report from information that was received from a close friend of Chavkov. According to the information gathered by the Bureau of Public Security, Chavkov has a villa in Halkidiki where he was planning to flee before he receives the verdict for the 27th of April case.

“After a meeting with a close friend, the person that submitted an official report has received information that the accused in the “April 27th” case, Mitko Chavkov owns a villa in Halkidiki, where he was planning too flee the country to before the verdict which is supposed to be handed down this Friday (15.03.2019). The report states that the friendly relation has very close ties with the family of the accused”, states the court’s decision that granted the Basic Prosecution’s request for his detention.

Chavkov is one of the defendants in the case regarding the attacks in Parliament that occurred on the 27th of April, 2017 and for which the main case is over and a hearing was set for the verdict to be announced.