The Ministry of Information Society and Administration (MISA) has put into use the Civil Central registry.

The Population registry allows the collection of data for physical persons and its use by authorized institutions for their procedures. The Registry allows the institutions to work with the citizens’ personal data and to find here the latest and most precise data without the need for manual maintenance and updating.

“The Civil registry contains data that is unified, verified, standardized and validated. This way, by putting into use the registry, the citizens will not be faced with problems of different data in different institutions and databases”, stressed Manchevski.

he also said that the Registry will serve as a basis for the citizens’ registry number.

This number will be key for the systems when the citizens will ask for a service from the institutions. Each citizen has the right to know his personal data that is in the registry. MISA is introducing a new service where everyone can check which data are evidenced in the registry. Each citizen has the right to know who is using his personal data. MISA will also introduce a new service where anyone can ask for information about which institution, for whatever reason, has used the data from the Registry about the citizen. Further, the Civil registry will be a tool that will help in the implementation of the census, and the registry data will be used for the clearing of the voters’ list” explained Manchevski.

According to his, the Civil registry is the basis without which the digitalization of the public administration would be impossible. The data that is evidenced here is part of the national portal of e-services that, according to Manchevski, will be put into use very soon.