Banks will release funds to invest in the corporate sector, said the Minister of Finance Kiril Minoski, and the Governor of the National Bank of Macedonia, Dimitar Bogov after the regular session of the Committee concerning financial stability in the country.

“The political crisis has had an effect that resulted in a more restrictive policy from the banks, so they refrained from investments in the corporate sector. We urge our banks to lend to companies because we have a stable financial market with a supplementary budget and issuance of Eurobond”, said Minister Minoski.

He added that the Eurobond was bought by investors from the European Union and the United States and he expected the money to be available in the coming days.

Governor Bogov assessed that the banking system survived the real stress test in the recent period and is highly resistant to shock.

He noted that at the meeting of the Financial Stability Committee, they discussed the Banking Laws, which should be in accordance with European regulations.