Ministry of Education banned all excursions near the lindane landfill


the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning (MEPP) has sent a notification at the Ministry of Education and Sciences (MES) not to organize any excursions in the areas of Pelenica, Drachevo, the location for which Meta wrote that there is an unmarked landfill containing the cancerous lindane that originates from OHIS factory.

“The Ministry of Education and Science received a notification from the MEPP and we shall act in accordance with it i.e. we shall order the municipalities as founders of schools not to organize excursions on that location,” said MES for Meta agency.

The Ministry of Environment has promised that by the end of the year it will fence the space in Drachevo for which there is a suspicion about the location of the landfill with 8000 tons of toxic lindane.

The State Secretary at MEPP, Ana Petrovska, gave a statement for Meta that a notification will be sent to the Ministry of Education and Science not to organize student excursions in Pelenica until the danger is determined.

-The government was also alarmed including us, the Ministry and in this moment it will be acted upon in accordance with Article 42 of the law of toxic waste that authorizes us as a supervising organ, before the danger is proved, since it still hasn’t been proved and that will take time and resources, at least to fence the space where the location is supposed to be. It is an uninhabited area but it is close to a monastery where childer go on an excursion. With other words, as an authority, we are obliged by the end of the year, to fend off this area and to place a certain notice – said Petrovska.

The lindane that is found in this area originates from the OHIS factory and it was buried away by workers before the big and the small landfills on the factory’s territory was made where it is estimated that there is among 40-50.000 tons of contaminated soil with lindane.

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