The current Law on Amnesty is good and there is no need to change it, says Justice Minister Adnan Jashari. This is the Minister of Justice’s first comment on the initiative to the Constitutional Court which opens the possibility of the President to be able to pardon persons convicted of electoral fraud, pedophilia and crimes against humanity.

“I have the same opinion as I did in 2009, when I voted for the law in Parliament as a MP, and I still believe that the law is good and I hope it will not be changed”, said Jashari for “24 News“.
The initiative for changing the Amnesty law for persons involved in electoral fraud came from a young lawyer, Risto Kiteski from Ohrid, who works in a law firm who defends suspects in Operation “Titanic.”

The Constitutional Court agreed to consider the initiative to change the law on amnesty. Five constitutional judges voted “for”, and four voted “against” the decision to review the initiative.