After just two months after the portal for electronic services was put into use, there are almost 9000 registered users and every day they are using 128 electronic services, said the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Manchevski at today’s press conference about the projects completed in the period starting from 2017 until today towards Macedonia’s digital transformation.

“Additionally, the portal has all the necessary information in receiving 744 services. This way, we are trading the counters with services that can be done electronically, and the Catalog represents the only source of information about how it can be done, with the deadlines, and the procedures that can be used for receiving one of these 744 available services” said Manchevski.

Additionally, he also addressed the new ways of digital signature by Mastercard that is also implemented in Macedonia, the first country in the world to do so as this solution will be developed.

This allows an implementation of this solution that eases the process of proving the identity of citizens during the use of private or public electronic services.

For the first 150.000 users of e services during the first 12 months, 5 free signing ins are provided. In order to accomplish this, Mastercard has invested 3 million euros.