Minister Bochvarski promises that the railway line Bitola – Kremenica will become operational this year


During today’s visit to the Pelagonia region, the Minister for Transport and Communications Blagoj Bochvarski announced that the newly built railway line Bitola-Kremenica will become operational during this year. He informed that at the moment, the last tests are being conducted on the new railway line and it is expected by the end of this year, the railway station at Žabeni to be put into use. The local industrial zone will have benefit from this.

Otherwise, the construction works at the railway line from Bitola towards the Macedonian-Greek border were completed at the beginning of 2019. The railway line with a length of 17 km was initially tested for traffic in April last year, but the works came across to an obstacle during the placement of an optic cable and the connection of the new railway line with the remaining railway infrastructure in the country.

17.2 million EUR were invested in the construction works, including 6 million EUR as a grant from the European Union and 11 million EUR that were secured from the state budget. The railway line from Bitola to Kremenica represents the second railway connection between North Macedonia and Greece. Apart from providing cheaper and faster transportation of goods and passengers for the citizens and companies from the Pelagonia region, this railway line might be used as an alternative railway route of the Corridor 10 between Veles and Gevgelija.

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