In the second set of economic measures that the government has adopted during today’s session, it was decided that all sportsmen, artists and all appointed officials on a state and local levels, from presents to directors, to receive minimal wages in the amount of 14.500 denars, informed Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski, during today’s press conference.

The wages of employees at the public administration will not be decreased, but the salaries of elected and appointed officials such as the president of the state, the prime minister, the president of the parliament, ministers, state secretaries, directors and mayors.

“If there should be any solidarity, we are the first in line” said Spasovski.

He said that there isn’t a person that is doing any activity that hasn’t been included with these measures. They refer to small and micro enterprises, traders, hairdressers, barbers, bakers. But for all of them,it will be decided how they will be paid with additional enactments. A salary is planned for citizens that will be laid off, and the amount will depend on their internship, the average net salary and the payment will be conducted through the Employment Agency.

Subventions are planned for media workers for whom it will be determined additionally which media workers and the way it will be implemented.

The new measures will include persons from informal economy that will be granted 7000 denars during April and May.

For employers, subventions are planned for net salaries, in the amount of minimal wages of 14.500 denars including the subvention of 50 p% of the taxes for April and May.

The Prime Minister also mentioned the measures taken by banks towards physical and legal entities that consist of postponement of loan payments, reprogramming of loans and loans with favorable interest rates, etc.

Spasovski closed his presentation by stressing that 200 million euros are planned for these activities that will be provided by cutting non-productive costs and though loaning.