In a statement for “24 News”, Mr Mijalkov said ” The diplomatic passport, which was, lawfully awarded to me at the discretion of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, which I have still not collected, let alone actually used, I now intend to give up.”

Sasho Mijkalov carried on by saying that the SDSM had concentrated their efforts into a black campaign against him, to divert attention from their lack of anything else to offer the public. He continued with ” To deprive them of this last desperate weapon and so expose their lack of ideas I have decided to forego the diplomatic passport instead of hanging on to it. I remain, and continue to fight for the interests for Macedonia and for the Macedonian people. I did not succumb to what have been, very serious pressures and threats right up to the present. I am convinced that the public, come April, will clearly tell the SDSM what they think about about their destructive policies as they have done for the past decade”