The former Director of the Administration for Security and Counter Intelligence Saso Mijalkov was arrested at Belgrade airport, soon after landing a gun was found in his travel bag.

Serbian media reported the event yesterday as it unfolded, confirms web portal “Press 24” TV, and Mr Mijalkov himself.

In a statement to the web portal, he said at the time, he took the travel bag without checking inside, the gun was discovered at Belgrade Airport ‘Nikola Tesla’ in the x-ray machine. Saso Mijalkov was released to continue on his journey after, as he said, gave a brief explanation to the security services at the airport.

In his statement for the portal he said the gun was a private weapon, for which he possessed a license, and was not a weapon from the Ministry of Interior (MOI).

For now, it still remains unclear how the Former Director for Security and Counter Intelligence managed to pass through security control at Skopje’s Airport “Alexander the Great”.