In a video story broadcasted by the US television network CNN, from the Greek side of the border, one can clearly hear migrants chanting “Macedonia, Macedonia” while waiting at a petrol station near the Greek-Macedonia border-crossing Bogorodica / Idomeni.

In the longer video one can see countless buses parked while migrants await registration and sign statements to confirm their final destination in one of the EU countries, which is mainly Germany.
The short video by reporter Arva Damon goes on CNN every hour, and a small video extract from her story was posted on “Twitter”.

As “Meta” correspondent reported, thousands of refugees are waiting on the Greek side of Bogorodica, as Greece continues to panic that the state will remain stuck with thousands of migrants.

The border crossing at Idomeni is overflowing with refugees from Greece. In the refugee camp in Idomeni, 700 refugees are waiting for the chance to travel to the EU. The figure is much higher just a few kilometres away at the petrol pump in Polykastro. There are now about 4,000 people who are waiting to see whether they will e let in to Macedonia to continue their journey towards Europe.