Today, Macedonia has spoken, and said that the agreement with Greece will not pass, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said at a press conference after polling stations closed for the referendum.

“We have had a deeply unsuccessful referendum. The politics of Zoran Zaev and the government are a debacle , and today Macedonia has truly won. The number of citizens who did not support this shameful agreement, that is, the number of citizens who abstained from voting or voted against the agreement, is drastically larger than those citizens who voted for the agreement. It is a fact that the agreement with Greece did not get a green light, it got a red light from the people, “said Mickoski.

He added that the government “will answer for the stuffed boxes in Saraj, Struga, and elsewhere where they tried to falsify the will of the people.”

“The people, except for the Agreement, said no to the Government’s manipulations with true values ​​of the European Union and NATO, and the attempt by the government to abuse this common goal, incorrectly and unnecessarily inserting it into the ballot question for the referendum. The failure of this referendum is the direct fault of Zoran Zaev and his government and nobody else. Firstly, because they entered into a harmful and bad deal, secondly, they lied to the international community by presenting a false affair that this Agreement would pass, and guided by the desire to save their careers and cover up criminal affairs, and thirdly because it was through brutal manipulation and violation of the laws and the Constitution that they tried to pass this agreement by the citizens, “added Mickoski.