The next steps that will be taken by VMRO-DPMNE and their followers who are protesting in front of the Criminal Court due to the detention of MPs and participants involved in the violent events at the Parliament on the 27th of April will depend on future developments, said VMRO-DPMNE’s General Secretary, Hristian Mickoski.

-We still don’t know and everything depends on how the situation will develop. According to information from a few hours ago, at least half of the arrested have given statements in front of a judge and depending on the situation, we shall decide what we shall do further. We have 3-4 scenarios at our disposal, but we shall decide about that later. According to what people from all over Macedonia have told us, a tremendous pressure is put on people not to protest here. We are expecting that many more will join us and that by 19h other people from other parts of Macedonia will arrive – said Mickoski.

When asked who is planned to address the people from the stage, he said that it is early to say who.

The boulevard is closed starting from Mavrovka shopping mall up to the building of MRTV, while in the other lane the traffic is occurring normally.

A large police presence is evident and at the moment in front of the court there are 200 people, and metal barrels are brought in in order to lit up a fire.

This morning, based on a warrant issued by the Prosecution MoI too into detention 36 persons for their involvement in the outburst of violence that occurred at the Parliament on the 27th of April this year and among them, there are three MPs.