As soon as the meetings of the Central and the Executive Committee took place, and taking into account all of what I stated previously and the clear stance that this Agreement is unacceptable for us, and that it’s an above party issue, we have made a decision that each citizen should act in accordance with their belief, stated VMRO-DPMNE’s president, Hristijan Mickoski.

After the long speech, during which he called Prime Minister to a TV duel, Mickoski stressed that the Agreement with Greece about changing the country’s name is a document that he and VMRO-DPMNE don’t accept.

-Because it is out of our principles and accord. We remain firm on the stance that we are against this Agreement because we have stated this previously, and everyone knows that this agreement will change the Constitution of Republic of Macedonia, it will change the institutional identity as a key segment of one nation’s national identity, one state, the travel documents will be changed including the personal documents. A Committee for reviewing and revising our culture and tradition will be accepted which will open a path where our southern neighbor may block the country’s Euro-Atlantic integrations whenever it pleases and in ways it pleases to do so. All of this is contrary to our positions and we cannot say one thing now and tomorrow something else. I cannot do that, I will not do that since it’s irresponsible. We are losing our positions, all of the advantages and all of the arguments that were gained over the years. This agreement will make the UN Resolution, the Interim Accord and the Hague verdict vanish – said Mickoski.

VMRO-DPMNE”s President stressed that it doesn’t mean that the party is against EU and NATO.

-I stress that VMRO-DPMNEchooses a membership into NATO and the EU. These are our friends and partners. The Republic of Macedonia must not have other future than the one headed towards these organizations. But at the same time, we are against the Agreement because it does not reflect the interests of the Republic of Macedonia and it opposes the Constitution and this country’s principles – said Mickoski.