The non-approval of a starting date is bad and unpleasant news for Macedonia. We have to be aware that the country is entering into a state of disappointment and all of this is a consequence of wrong policies that were conducted in the last few years.

This was stated today by VMRO-DPMNE’s party leader Hristijan Mickoski.

“I will agree that the decision for not being granted a starting date is a defeat, but it is not a defeat of the Macedonian nation and the citizens of Macedonia, but a defeat of Zoran Zaev’s policies and his government. It is a policy without a concept, vision, with plenty of crime, corruption, unemployment and deceit. The feeling among the citizens that this policy has pushed us in an endless circle of many retractions, appeasements, self-denials, hard swallowing only to end with failure” said Mickoski.

He said that Macedonia has friends in Europe and that the European Union continues to our strategic goal.

“And we have to be self-critical and to admit that there will be no date for starting the accession negotiations because there aren’t any reforms. Because people have difficult lives and there is no other country where the crime rules the system. We have a faltering system and a government that doesn’t deliver justice because it protects injustice. I understand the disappointment among the majority of citizens in our country, and this is not a consequence of only one wrong decision by Zoran Zaev and this government, but a string of wrong decisions that we told about ad appealed not to be done and they stubbornly continued to drive towards the wall that is in front of us” said Mickoski.

He called the state leadership for a meeting where Macedonia’s future will be discussed.