We shall act a single MP group as the existence of several groups didn’t achieve what we expected to do, as we came across to disrespect of the rule book and not allowing to express what it needed to be expressed, said the new coordinator of VMRO-DPMNE’s group, Nikola Micevski.

He also said that the regrouping from ten into one group was planned long ago, and officially tomorrow they will inform the President of the Parliament, Talat Xhaferri.

-We remain firm to our stance that we shall act in the Parliament as before, against SDSM’s damaging policy – said Micevski when asked whether he will attend the coordination process with the parliamentary president.

he expects that the Amnesty Law will be accepted by the majority.

-we shall have a coordination within the party as what was offered as a reconciliation is not acceptable since it is selective – said Micevski.

Yesterday, Dragan Tanev handed over the coordination position to Nikola Micevski as VMRO-DPMNE’s new coordinator.

At today’s joint press conference they said that they will be acting as a single MP group and will fight against SDSM’s bad policies.

-This decision is personal and I think it’s time to begin anew with a new coordinator. I believe that as an MP I will make a bigger contribution. We had a difficult year and we shall strive to disambiguate SDSM’s policies – said Danev.