MFA demands Belgrade urgently remove the FYROM reference from pay toll receipts


The Macedonian ministry of foreign affairs (MFA) has requested from the authorities in Belgrade to urgently change the naming of our country on the fiscal bills issued at the tolls in Serbia, as was announced by MFA.

“The ministry of foreign affairs of Macedonia through diplomatic means has requested a correction of how Republic of Macedonia is named by Republic of Serbia’s state institutions” was written in the press release that comes with the appearance of naming Republic of Macedonia with the reference or with the acronym of the reference at the tolls in Serbia.

Representatives of the MFA stated that the use of the reference and the acronym of the reference instead of the constitutional name of Republic of Macedonia is in contradiction with the established diplomatic relations between Macedonia and Serbia.

“This inconsistency should be immediately corrected. We believe that this provocation that is hurting the feelings of the Macedonian citizens is not a reflection of good neighborly relations” said MFA.
„A few days ago on Twitter there was a photograph of a bill issued at a Serbian pay toll in Preshevo that had the term FYROM for Macedonia.

On Tuesday, “Meta” contacted the Serbian public enterprise JP “Srbija Pat” since when does Macedonia is named as FYROM on its fiscal bills, but we still haven’t received any reply on our requests.

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