Claims published on March the 21st, 2017 by media outlets “Dnevnik”, “Nova TV” and “Vecer”, ascribed from Mihajlo Manevski, about the “Metamorphosis” Foundation in any connection to violence, represent gross manipulation and distortion of the truth, says “Metamorphosis”.

“The “Metamorphosis” Foundation using its training, builds the capacity of NGOs to use new technologies to be more effective in achieving their missions and their efforts to strengthen democracy, the rule of law, human rights, the fight against corruption and protection of the environment. “Metamorphosis” does not organize training for protests, but acts in accordance with its mission, contributing to the development of democracy and to improve the quality of life through innovative application and the dissemination of knowledge. The foundation always works in accordance to the laws of the Republic of Macedonia”, said the denial of “Metamorphosis”.

Former Minister of Justice, Mihajlo Manevski said on Friday that the “Metamorphosis” Foundation organized training for protests of the “Colourful Revolution”, the student protests and protests to save GTC.

Manevski was the last Minister of Justice and Administration of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia. He held that position from 1986 to 1991.

After the victory of VMRO-DPMNE in the 2006 election, Manevski was appointed as Justice Minister in Nikola Gruevski’s government. In 2008, he was appointed again Minister of Justice, where he remained until 2011.