Metamorphosis: The “Moj DDV” mobile application lacks a Privacy policy


The mobile application „МојДДВ“ (MojDDV) lacks Privacy policy that in a very comprehensive way would explain the measures that the Public Revenue Office – PRO is taking for the security and protection of the personal data of the citizens that is processed with the use of the application, the Metamorphosis Foundation, that analyzed the aspect of how well the citizens are informed about the processing of personal data with the use of Moj DDV mobile application, notes.

“Moj DDV” application is available at Google Play Store and App Store, and before its installation, the citizens can inform themselves about its technical specifications, the manner of scanning the bills and answers to questions mostly asked. According to the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR, the controller i.e. the Public Revenue Office (PRO) should take appropriate measures in order to secure a precise, transparent and easily available information for the citizens:

-What are the goals and the legal basis for the processing of the personal data and whether in the future the data can be processed for other goals than for the use of the “MojDDV” mobile application”;
-Whether personal data will be revealed to other users beyond the Public Revenue Office ;
–What are the deadlines for keeping the data on part of the Public Revenue Office;
–What are the ways in which the citizens can exercise their right for correction and erasing personal data that was provided for the goal of using Moj DDV mobile application.“

Additional confusion for the citizens is the representation of the Policy of Usage at ujp.gov.mk dated from 2017 as a document that regulates the protection of personal data of users of MojDDV app. This Policy cannot be treated as a policy of privacy for the users of the MojDDV mobile app, because the goal for which the data is processed during the use of the application and the scope of data that is processed do not correspond with the goals and the scope of data for the use at ujp.gov.mk. „Metamorphosis“ recommends a creation of separate privacy policies for each separate application through which the citizens can exercise one of their rights, reveal personal data” states Metamorphosis Foundation.

Otherwise, through its program “Human Rights on the Internet”, the Metamorphosis Foundation is focusing on the protection of privacy by strengthening the citizens’ capacities and knowledge, as well as those of the institutions for a digital society. Metamorphosis is promoting access for all through innovative use and the spread of knowledge and ethical use of new technologies.

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