The Internet and society foundation “Metamorphosis” through the Action SЕЕ project has announced a Request for applications for providing support for civil society organizations for the promotion of good governance and the rule of the law, by approving 25 to 30 small grants for civil society organizations from Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo.

There will be two types of grants approved in the range between EUR 6.000 to EUR 8.000 per grant:
“The initiatives supported by the Small Grants Scheme are expected to focus on tackling rule of law and good governance issues, in particular anti-corruption, transparency, and access to information, data protection and use of public funds for more targeted areas” as was announced by Metamorphosis.

Deadline for submission of complete applications: January 15, 2017, at 16:00 hrs, exclusively by an online application form. Application forms must be completed using English language.

More information about the Request for applications can be found here.