The 5th edition of the Basel Peace Forum that is taking place in Basel, Switzerland, has begun. At this forum, renowned political figures, then activists, academic experts, businessmen from all corners of the world, discuss the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on our lives, informs.

At the Forum, which is taking place online and will last for three days, there will be discussions about the consequences of the COVID-19 on maintaining peace and instigating conflicts in different parts of the world, whether the states will become more competitive, whether the pandemic will be the reason for more joint efforts and joint care among them?

North Macedonia’s representative and speaker at this Forum is Metamorphosis Foundation’s Director, Bardhyl Jashari who took part in the panel for activism on social networks, yesterday, the 21st of January, at 13 h.

Jashari said that in our context, activism in general, and not just digital activism, is a challenge.

“Too often, and that was even more evident in the past ,during the previous regime that ruled the country, the people stop fighting and their activism for social justice and equality has more sense for showing loyalty towards the ruling political party and in return, they expect to be given a job or another kind of financial benefit,” stressed Jashari.

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