During the vote for the resolution for Macedonia, the European Parliament  has passed two amendments with which it demand that Hungary should extradite former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski to Macedonia, reports MIA.

The Social democrats and the Green party’s groups have lodged separate amendments related to this issue, but it was feared that one lodged by the Green party will not pass due to more harsh language.

The amendment lodged by the Green Party’s MP, Judith Sagentini, apart from demanding an extradition, it also states that Gruevski has fled macedonia with diplomatic assistance from Hungary in order to avoid imprisonment and thinks of this act as interference in Macedonia’s internal affairs and as an act against the judiciary and the rule of law in the country.

The Social democrats have lodged two amendments regarding Gruevski’s asylum and both have passed. With these amendments, the European Parliament is making clear that Nikola Gruevski was tried in a transparent legal process, confirmed by several judiciary instance and it reminds that he is involved in additional 5 crime investigations.

The European Parliament has rejected all Greek amendments, including those that have requested that the word “Macedonian” should be erased from the report, including the amendment of the Greek MP which requested that the resolution for Macedonia should include the low turnout for the referendum, reports MIA.

The Green Party’s amendment was also passed about the endangerment of the environment through several infrastructural projects. The European Parliament is requesting that the projects in the national park Mavrovo should be suspended until the “Strategic evaluation of the environment” is concluded in accordance to the European legislation regarding the environment.

The Resolution lodged by Ivo Vajgl passed with 470 votes in favor of and 116 votes against.