Memorandums for Greek support for the EU reforms and traffic connection signed


At the today’s session of the High Council for Cooperation between Macedonia and Greece, both countries’ prime ministers, Zoran Zaev and Alexis Tsipras have signed the Action Plan for Increasing the Cooperation, according to the Prespa Agreement, and both countries’ ministers have signed several important memorandums.

As informs the government, the Defense Ministers Radmila Shekjerinska and Evangelos Apostolakis, have signed the Agreement for Defense Cooperation between the two ministries, which also denotes control of the Macedonian air space by airplanes from the Greek military airforce. The Vice Prime Minister for European Affairs Bukar Osmani has signed a Memorandum for Cooperation between the Secretariat for European Affairs and Greece’s MFA with the Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs in order to speed up Macedonia’s accession into EU.

The Minister of Transport and Communications Goran Sugareski and Christos Spirtzis, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport in Greece, have signed a Memorandum for Cooperation between the two ministries including a Memorandum for the Development of the roads and the railroad communication Solun- Skopje – Tabanovce.

Another step forward is the signed Agreement for opening a new border pass between Majda, in Kavadarci area and Promahona in Greece.

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