Memeti on the treatment of immigrants: Inhuman, unhealthy, undignified


Immigrants in the reception center for foreigners in Gazi Baba are housed in conditions that are worse than those in custody, stated Ombudsman Idzhet Memeti, at today’s press conference devoted to conditions in the center, but also to the weaknesses of the system after the flood of refugees from Middle East, where there are armed conflicts.

Team of the Ombudsman visited the reception center, where, two days ago, refugees who reside there, revolted, dissatisfied with the conditions and the uncertain status.

– We found catastrophic situation, inhumane accommodation conditions that grossly violate human dignity. Currently, 364 people reside in the reception center, but its maximum capacity is for 120 people, which means it is three times exceeded. Of those, 28 are women, 35 children, and the rest are men – said Memeti.

The total number of immigrants mentioned by the Ombudsman doesn’t include 128 immigrants who were discovered yesterday in the police action in Kumanovo Vaksince.

– In the male section, people are sleeping on the floor, without any bedding, in extremely poor hygienic conditions. Women are housed in two rooms, and some of them sleep in a room also used as a kitchen – announced Memeti.

Immigrants complained to the unnecessarily long stay in the center without knowing what their status is, to nutrition, health care, and during the visit, the team of the Ombudsman also detected the presence of infectious diseases.

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