The Marshal Center – Macedonia and NATO are organizing a two-day conference that discusses the transnational threats with a focus on the migrant crisis. The conference’s aim is to set forth conclusions for improving the security capacity of member-states and partners of the alliance in dealing with contemporary threats.

-There are no signs that the migration will stop, which means there will be more people pouring in. This problem can be solved only with a common answer from the EU, including partner countries- commented David Goronbei of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry.

James Seroka, a university professor from the US, considers the problem with migrants is a global issue which demands attention not only from West Balkan and EU countries, but also from the UN.

-It is tragic to watch all these people traveling border to border, without any guarantee they will reach their destination. Macedonia did a lot to help the migrants, but this problem must be solved in another way- said Seroka.

The migrant crisis that is felt in Macedonia showed the weaknesses of the country in dealing with such threats, point experts who think the country needs international help.

-There must be a better coordination between state agencies and ministries of neighboring countries, including the international community, in dealing with this question, because Macedonia can’t deal with such a threat on its own- stated Stojan Slaveski, a university professor and member of the Marshal Center – Macedonia.