The Ministry of Education and Science is following the situation regarding the measles epidemic, in coordination with the ministries of health, labour and social policy, as well as on the basis of the situation on the ground. We will decide on a possible delay in the second half, which as a rule should start on January 21, said Minister of Education Arber Ademi today.

The Ministry of Education reminds that according to the Law on Primary Education, when registering a child in the first grade, the parent is obliged to submit a certificate for received mandatory vaccines for the child, issued by a competent health institution.

“According to what we will see in the field, we will take measures in the beginning of the second half. We will take necessary steps as the competent institution. We also need to look after the education process in the primary schools and the vaccination of our children. And in the current law, when enrolling children in primary, their parents need to prove that they have been vaccinated,” Ademi said.

The article in the law, which stipulates mandatory submission of a certificate for vaccines, has also been included in the new Law on Primary Education which is currently in a preparation stage, and it will be put out for public consultation.