The Mayor of Bitola Vladimir Taleski duly reported to the Basic Court in Bitola and complied with the precautionary measure which was decided by the Court of Appeals in Skopje after the termination of his house arrest.

 A spokesman for the Basic Court in Bitola, judge Milka Bizevska for “Meta” confirmed that Taleski came and reported to the court.

 Today, Taleski for the first time emerged among the citizens. Court employees say he came to the court on foot, accompanied by an employee from his office, and then returned on foot to his office at the Municipality.

 After the termination of Taleski’s house arrest exactly one week ago, Taleski first appeared for work on Friday, but so far has not yet met with journalists, and has not appeared at any public events.

The Mayor is the prime suspect in the SPO’s “Transporter” case,  along with another 22 individuals suspected of abusing their positions in the transportation of students in Bitola, making a hefty 360,000 euros from the scheme. Taleski was first was placed in custody on June 16 and then his house arrest was extended twice. On September 20, the Court of Appeals in Skopje terminated his house arrest measure and replaced it with a precautionary measure where he was ordered to report to the Basic Court in Bitola twice a week.