Mass attendance of the student march means the start of the changes, represents a step forward to suppress the fear that reigns in Macedonia, and the students are the driving force that can inspire the other classes of society. This is the view of the experts who attended the march and support the right of students to protest and speak freely.

Professor of Sociology at the University of Southeastern Europe, Ali Pajaziti, feels that the youthful enthusiasm indicates that this population may spur other strata of society to filter changes, not only to accept them.

– Student march represents a very positive step in this time of depressing social climate, when liberal democracy speaks under the umbrella of dictates and patriocracy. Once again, youthful enthusiasm shows that this population may spur other social strata not to accept things for granted, but start thinking with their own head, and not perceive any change as positive, but to filter and be an echo of the changes which are greatly advertise in government projects – says Pajaziti.

The debate devoted to modify the obligation to pay contributions for part-time associates in the country, attendees agreed that students with courage and unity shown by the march opened the door to the other disgruntled citizens in the country.

– I think that after the protest of students, the Government won’t want another protest and that we can first request a meeting with the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Dime Spasov. If that fails, I think we can go to a protest – said Zdravko Savevski from the association “Solidarnost” at the debate.

At the conference “” on topic “Human Rights on the Internet – Freedom of expression, hate speech and privacy in the digital world,” journalist Meri Jordanovska said that this group of young people gives hope, but what concern is the fact that most of those protesting have decided to speak anonymously and hide behind banners.

– This mass of people who, after many years, decided to come out and say “no” to the reforms projected by the state for the higher education gives hope. These young people exercise their right to protest and freedom of speech. It is a step forward and I think that it will suppress the fear that ruled and still rules in Macedonia. This is a chance for us to go out and to speak our minds loud and clear and to set an example for future young generations – said Jordanovska.

On her Facebook profile, Professor Biljana Vankovska wrote that she was proud of the students for the good organization of the march, which passed without incident and without hate speech.

“Two things I consider as very important: first, at today’s protest there were at least three times more students than the first protest; second, there were no incident on the protests, everything went smoothly! Resolutely, loud, resounding, I would say, but without any violence or hate speech! So I am proud and feel like a huge burden unloaded from my soul! The young passed the exam with the highest rating! I salute them. Speakers who speak from the heart, with conviction and passion, but with bitterness and rebellion (I really cried then – I experienced that as well!) I met wonderful supporters of Socrates, Lenin, etc. Police was at a considerable distance, without any close contact with protesters. I left slowly, and behind me there were shouts “This is the beginning,” writes Vankovska.

Professor of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Sinolichka Trpkova, said that students showed unity and that they are the strongest driving force in this country.

“The people were united and closer than ever. Not only that the Government was not part of that unity, but through its “media”, it offended the strongest driving force in their own country, students, calling them manipulated! While the Government peeked, counted and rounded from behind false baroque Styrofoam backdrops, streets were filled with warmth, strength, love, faith, tears” – says Trpkova in part of her Facebook status dedicated to the student march.