The government mustn’t be the driving engine for the reforms in the media area and the draft-bill for audio and audio-visual services, said today the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Mancevski in the introductory speech at the 13th Conference “E-Society,” organized by the Metamorphosis foundation for Internet and Society.

-It is ironic to say that the Government should be the driving engine for reforms in the media sphere. The people who work in that sphere and the media itself should do that. We, as a government, the only ambition is to provide space, a debate and a mechanism. We are the tool for implementation of everything they think it should be done – said Manchevski.

The Minister said that the government is here to listen to what sort of changes are necessary, but that the debate should be useful and mustn’t last endlessly because decisions and solutions have to be made.

-Regarding the internet-portals that are publishing informative content, my personal proposal is that at least one editor should be declared and legally it should be determined that the portal mustn’t be owned by an off-shore company. I think we can accept that and that should refer to portals that are registered in Macedonia – said Manchevski.