Manchevski: Next year we shall have a fully functional Central Population Register


The reforms in the public administration are a significant part of the process of the EU integration and should prepare the country and the public sector to efficiently deal with the challenges with the Euro-integrations, said the Ambassador Samuel Žbogar during today’s press conference that was devoted to the “Go Digital – Assistance to the reforms in the public administration and strengthening the capacities of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration” project.

He stressed that the managing with the reforms of the public administration is not an easy task and therefore an inclusion of the whole public sector is needed.

The Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Manchevski said that the project plays a key role in the modernization of the administration including its popularization among the citizens.

-Through new functionalities, the citizens and the business sector will have a chance to consult the government more often and directly including its institutions – said Manchevski, who also said that it’s about a new strategy for a reform of the public administration who is part of the second component of the “Go Digital” project.

He also said that next year Macedonia will receive a fully functional Central Population Register which will solve the citizens’ problems with the data bases i.e. the problems with the electoral roll will disappear, with the ID’s, the health security cards and other documents and data with which the citizens had problems with.

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