Manchevski: Central electronic population register and e-services portal nearly finished


Today, Minister of Information Society and Administration Damjan Manchevski spoke at the first e-commerce conference held in Skopje and referred to the importance of providing e-services as the basis for the digitalization of Macedonia.

“The final activities are underway to launch a new national e-services portal, as well as a central electronic population register. The portal will provide faster and simpler services and will be the only point of access of the state with citizens and businesses. What is particularly important to know, is that we have provided a legal opportunity for access to private electronic companies for the electronic population register. In Macedonia, there will no longer be different databases, but only one database for all citizens, which will be the basis of their electronic identity. I expect that the new portal and the register will significantly affect awareness, but also the trust of citizens for obtaining services, but also for electronic commerce, “said Manchevski.

He added that citizens must have confidence that their data will be safe and that is why the Government and MISA have an obligation to provide secure internet space.

“In this context, we have worked hard on the Strategy for Cyber ​​Security, and we are already in the final phase of finalizing the Action Plan for Cyber ​​Security. We are in the final stage of preparation of the National Broadband Plan. We completed the mapping of state-owned electronic communications networks, whereby we precisely defined the so-called “White” zones, ie zones where there is no infrastructure,” added Manchevski.

The conference is organized by the Association for e-Commerce of Macedonia.


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