Did “Magyar Telekom” began the investigation in the “Macedonian Telecom”/”T-Mobile MK” on suspicion of involvement in mass wiretapping of citizens and whether the report of the investigation will be released, i.e. will the citizens be familiar with its content?


Via email, META sent these two questions to “Macedonian Telecom”, and the answer came to us from the boss – “Magyar Telecom”:

– “Magyar Telekom”, as the majority shareholder, is in contact with are “Macedonian Telecom” about this issue and plans an investigation with the assistance of external experts. In accordance with company policy, we are not in a position to comment on the planned investigation – reads the email from the Directorate of Corporate Communications of “Magyar Telecom”.

We sent the correspondence to “Macedonian Telecom” yesterday morning, but we did not get a response until the end of the day.

META sent same questions to the German telecommunications giant “Deutsche Telekom” and mother company of “Magyar Telekom.”

“Magyar Telekom” reminds to the two reactions of “T-Mobile MK” after the allegations of tapping and those for abuses of elections in 2013, which were exposed by the leader of the opposition, and referred to some of the content of the recordings, in which official the government requests from an employee of “T-Mobile” to disconnect a telephone number because SDSM was lobbying through it for the elections.