Фото: Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

Five partner organizations from North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, and Croatia are planning to jointly launch the first satellite from this region into space by the end of this year, informs the Bosnian public broadcasting service BH TV. All of this is due to the foundation of the Space Association of Southeastern Europe and India, which is celebrating the 75th anniversary of its independence, should give away a satellite to mark the occasion.

The following organizations have joined forces to accomplish this idea: The Center for Education and Robotics, Innovation and Technologies from Mostar; the Committee for Development of the Space Program from Novi Sad; Montenegro Space Research from Podgorica; Adriatic Aerospace Association from Zagreb and the Center for Innovation and Technological Development NAVIA from Skopje.

“We are all very proud for devoting our free time and for having the same goal to promote and expand the space program in all the countries in the region,” said Anes Hadziomerovic from the Center for Education and Robotics, Innovation and Technologies from Mostar.

Nikola Perkovic from Montenegro Space Research said that if the costs are divided into 5 parts, if for example, Montenegro would center on rocket development, Croatia on communication, Serbia on fuel, etc., then this is an ideal chance and can become a serious story.

Nevertheless, all of these organizations’ main goal is education of the young. For now, there isn’t any assistance from the Balkan institutions, but they say that space technology is a complex area that demands certain resources that can be attained by acting together.