Macedonian transporters, after two and a half years, finally, will not be obliged to place stickers on their vehicles that should allegedly send a message for investing in Macedonia but they are incorrect. The web site “” is supposed to lead to a content that refers to promoting Macedonia as a favorable business destination but it is a web page of a company registered on Cyprus that is offering investment services.

The transporters were obliged to have these stickers on their vehicles starting from 1st of January 2015 and they had to pay for them by themselves. The obligation is put in the rule book for special technical-exploiting conditions for the vehicles for performing different types of transport in the travel traffic

Biljana Muratovska from the Association for transporters “Makam-trans” thinks that this obligation mustn’t exist anymore.

“That can’t be a condition for the transporters to conduct a transportation. It should be erased from the rule book. Even the address is wrong” said Muratovska.

She also said that she will ask this obligation to be erased from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, along with other demands that will be submitted to them.

Muratovska stressed that someone “has tried to sell a web page” with these stickers.

“I think this was a “scheme” that the lower echelons of the government have tried to carry it out.

When this obligation was imposed, the Government announced that through the content of the stickers a message is sent for investing in Macedonia and they thought this is was a direct way of promoting the country in all those countries where the Macedonian transporters are travelling.

Macedonia doesn’t have any tangible connections with Cyprus. The last case of connecting was BIRN’s discovery that Deputy PM Vladimir Peshevski, contrary to the law, is a manager of a company from Cyprus “Fertisimo Investment Ltd.”

According to BIRN, he has opened the company in April 2006, while he was a General Manager of SEAF – an international investment foundation for direct investments in private companies in the Balkans, and he was the main investment advisor during the sale of several Serbian and Kosovo companies to foreign investors.

The company is still active even though Peshevski has become a Deputy PM in the meantime.