Macedonian mobile game “Tie Dye”, No. 1 in the USA, soon launches in China


The mobile game “Tie Dye“ created by the Macedonian game studio,”Furious Avocado“ is a number one game in the United States Of America after it has reached over one million downloads daily. It’s a DIY creative game that can color any clothing by user’s own choice. The game is very easy to understand and easily inteligible for the wider audience.

Apart from the US, the game is topping the charts in more than 50 states, among which are Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, Brazil, etc. Her launch on the Chinese market is expected soon.

“Many factors contribute to the success of the final product, since this is a Hyper Casual game, but the numbers themselves show the result. This market segment isn’t quite saturated and we are especially proud that to be part of the market where we are pioneers,” said for Meta.mk, Naum Mihajlovski, one of the game’s developers.

Furious Avocado’s team / Photo: personal archive

By his own words, he with Ivo Neshovikj, Mario Ampov, Tomi Dzurovski, Damjan Mihailov, Boban Stojchevski and Jovan Matoski have been working together for several years, but six months ago they founded their own gameg studio and began collaborating with their publishers CrazyLabs.

“The idea behind this game was developed in cooperation with our partner i.e. our publisher CrazyLabs. Because of the current Do it yourself trend worldwide, we wanted to come out with a game that would be a summer hit, but we are hoping that it will last longer. The tests that we made in the beginning to  feel the pulse of the audience, were extremely good,” Mihajlovski said.

The team took two weeks, including the weekends, of intensive work to make the game.

“Due to the coronavirus situation we were facing with a nonstandard working process which presented a challenge for us, but we didn’t feel the difference between working in an office and working at home,” Mihajlovski explains.

The game was initially available for Apple users, and when it conquered this market, an Android version was produced. The team states that they are working constantly on expanding “Tie Dye“, with one or two versions a week. One of them is an upgrade with more than 10 available languages, including Chinese, which is quintessential for ther efforts to launche the game on the Chinese market.

“While working, we are constantly consulting with one another, we are exchanging ideas. The development of the game will not stop with its release. Such is the fate of the online games that are part of this market’s brutal segment. At the moment, we have about 100 ideas put on paper, but we are going forward step by step. We are envisioning a new title, but we will follow the trends,” said Mihajlovski.

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