In a period when climate changes are happening and when the drinking water is becoming a resource of inestimable significance the industry subjects are wasting millions of cubic meters of drinking water as it is used as process water, reveals the latest data provided /a> by the State Statistical Office (SSO).

According to SSO, for technological purposes have been used fresh process water (around 98%). In 2017, out of 1.29 billions cubic meters of used fresh water in the industry and mining, 1.26 billions of cubic meters is process water, and 4 million cubic meters is fresh drinking water.

The supply of water in the industry and mining is encompassing all quantities of water that are secured by companies regardless if it is for their own needs or were sold to other beneficiaries. The quantities of water are determined by measuring the water gauge or by other means.

The statistical data shows that the quantities of water used for the needs of the industry, for the most part, secured from surface waters (watercourses, accumulations, lakes).

In 2017, 64% of the waters used for the needs of the industry fall under the surface waters category while the remaining part refers to underground waters and other sources.

The waters used for technological purposes represent used quantities of water that were used or spent for technological processes (production, cooling).