We expect the coronavirus peak to be reached in a month from now when the number of infected is expected to reach 2000 people, said the Health Minister Venko Filipche during today’s press conference, Venko Filipche. He informed that at the moment, the number of infected is 26 people.

-The situation with the patients is stable including the patient that was put on an respiratory machine. SO far there are 26 infected patients. Today, 10 people were tested and three of them were positive. One of them had symptoms for a week. The results of the members of his family are being checked now. 17 patients are treated in Skopje and 9 in Debar. The capacity of the Clinic for Infection Diseases is completely prepared to receive new patients. The Chinese Ambassy confirmed it will help us with masks and respirators – said Filipche.

He informed that the number of buses in Skopje will be increased because there was information that because of the decreased number of buses there were more passengers using the buses and that is not recommended.

Filipche also reminded that the contagion is spreading when the health system is overloaded.

-I hope we won’t have a sharp peak. We want to protect the medical personnel as well, as it is of key importance for them to be healthy.